Journal of Regional Section of Serbian Medical Association in Zajecar

Year 2007     Volumen 32     Number 1
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UDK: 614.71:616.24-055.2 ISSN 0350-2899, 32(2007) 1 p. 11-15
Original paper

Influence of indoor air pollution on occurrence
of respiratory symptoms and illness

Aleksandra Stanković (1,2), Dragana Nikić (1,2), Dragan Bogdanović (2)
(1) Medicinski fakultet Niš, (2) Institut za zaštitu zdravlja Niš



Indoor air pollution is a very complex problem, with heating as one of the most important sources. Exposure to smoke from burning causes very serious health effects, especially on the respiratory system. The objective of this paper was to estimate the influence of different ways of heating, as an important source of air pollution, on occurrence of respiratory symptoms and respiratory diseases in female population. The study sample included 457 women, living in Niš, aging 20-80 years who were divided in groups of exposed and non-exposed examinees depending on their heating habits. A modified questionnaire prepared by the World Health Organisation was applied in order to collect data on occurrence of respiratory symptoms and diseases.
The women were not professionally exposed to polluted air and statistically they did not differ in their smoking habits. The results showed that the largest number of women (55.14%) lived in homes with public or individual heating systems. The exposed group of women most often used wood (25.82%) and coal (14.23%) for indoor heating. The occurrence of cough (with colds and apart from colds), morning cough in the autumn-winter period and sinusitis was statistically significantly higher in women who used wood and coal heating. The way of heating can be a risk factor for the appearance of respiratory symptoms and diseases in female population.
Key words: indoor air pollution, heating, respiratory symptoms and diseases, women.

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  Corresponding Address:
Aleksandra Stanković
Institut za zaštitu zdravlja Niš
Bulevar dr Zorana Đinđića 50, 18000 Niš, Serbia
Tel: 018/352-141, e-mail: 

Paper received: 29.6.2006.
Paper accepted: 20.1.2007.
Published online: 8.5.2007.
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